• Thanks for the note! Since posting that picture it has been viewed more than any other post. I would like to write an article about Weredale House – please email me if you would like your recollections to be included.



      • Hey Ron, I lived in weredale during that period also. Your name rings a bell. Do you remember the big black councler nicknamed SNOWBALL?. A mean son of a bitch, my first day there I watched him and another guy beat the crap out a kid in the stairwell. Andy MacLean


    • Yep. I sure do know Snowball. And Lester the Molester the old man janitor.
      Who are guys to remember ? Kurt Douglas, jimmy Dumakis, Howard White , the Dillion brothers. ???


      • My room was next door to the ellis twins and I roomed with a guy named krakow or something like that, he was related to the ellis twins. I ran away from there just after the twins brother gogo was shot and killed down in the point


  1. I Also Lived There In 50s.Does any body Remember A Big German Guy Named Brugman Who was the Superintendent> WhatA Bad Ass He Was.Very Crule Guy. Have Lots Of Bad Memories Of That Place.


    • I Also Lived There In 50s.Does any body Remember A Big German Guy Named Brugman Who was the Superintendent> WhatA Bad Ass He Was.Very Crule Guy. Have Lots Of Bad Memories Of That Place.


      • Hi Norman
        David Foster here, I was there from 1948 to 1953! You are so right about Brugman, he was NASTY.
        I have a question…There was a Group Photo taken of all the kids in the gym sometime in 1951 or 52. Would you or anybody you know of that might
        have one? if so, I’m looking for a copy for my family history Genealogy Tree. Can anyone help? Thanks


      • Brugman was still there in 1963 when I lived there for a year. He didnt care for me, said i was a mommas boy, and did everything to make my stay miserable.


      • My father Keith Nickson I think would have been there in the 50’s at some point as well. I am just reading a short summary of his childhood and this includes his time at Weredale House. One of his stories of Mr. Brugman who he said was a “real mean piece of work” and how one night a bunch of boys refused the eat the awful food and they threw it on the floor. This led to a beating by Mr. Brugman out near the exit which is where my father said he went rather than the office. Sounds like a terrible place!


  2. Hi out there. My name is David Foster, I was, along with my two brothers, Brian and Stephen were residents at Weredale House from June 1948 to May 1953.
    There was a group photo taken in the GYM some time in 1951/52 Would anybody from that time have this group photo and if so, would it be possible to get a copy from you via E-Mail? I would be most appreciative as I have recently lost the one I had,
    David Foster


  3. i was there in 59 to 65 george brugman, mrs.craig nurse Dewar, Mr Leach, yes they were not the best group to be around

    and last but not least Mr McCadam his name was first on the list followed by Mrs.Craig..

    and then there were the bad guys . paul kababba,{A miq,mak} they wanted to do things to you because you were 10 and eleven years old, george carpenter, and lester the cleanup molester not the nicest of people at that time. Does anybody remember being sent to the DR.Uwin Institute for checking your head and being fed LSD that institute did a lot of research

    at our expense the boys of Weredale!!! not great memories. I was called {conman}


  4. I almost forgot to mention standing under the clock facing the canteen {a punishment}
    and just beside the office was the big chair in the dental room they did not call it that

    but george Brugman all 6’5” of him gave me the strap nurse Dewar pulled my jeans down and on my bare bottom
    he walloped me 6 times with that red pice of leather 18″ long 3″ wide….can not forget !!!!!



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