Westmount Park

The park during our Tuesday evening puppy walk.  The angle of the sun’s rays show the progressively shorter days of sunshine – can Autumn be far behind? Looking closely, there are several Mallard ducks taking advantage of the small amount of water that remains in the lagoon.

(P.S. Her left eye is healthy – Saints have lower eyelids that tend to droop depending on their sitting positions).



Westmount Park

An interesting walk through the park this evening.  There is a  new dried “topiary” next the park’s dog run that is attracting a lot of attention from both dogs and walkers.

Interestingly, the United Church (adjacent to the park) now welcomes pets to their services!  Our puppy was quite interested in the latest brood of ducklings swimming in the lagoon.



Westmount Park

Our walk through the park this evening.  One would never know it we had a thunder storm this morning.

It’s our “big girl’s birthday” tomorrow – she will be 7 months old.  (In case you are wondering – and many people ask that question –  her mother weighs 120 pounds).