Westmount Park – Family Day / Journée familiale de Westmount

Westmount’s forty-third annual Family Day in the park.  Despite light showers, and cool temperatures, in the morning the afternoon sunshine created a beautiful day.  A piece of trivia: the trackless kiddie train is manufactured by a company located in Granby Quebec.

In addition, Westmount residents should give a big thank you to Brian Gallery (former alderman & mayor)  for starting this annual tradition!


Westmount Park

Monday’s walk through the park – just before the city “opened their non-potable water taps” and filled the lagoon.

Many years ago, the Glen stream coursed through the park terminating in St. Henri forming a lake. The park’s stream is still extant coursing through underground conduits.  The lake, however, was drained to allow residential and transportation development.

The wisdom of the stream’s fate, through the park, is an issue that is still open for debate.