Westmount Park

Our walk through the park during Tuesday’s warm temperatures.  The City has made  a good effort this year:  minimizing the use of contractors and utilizing their own staff to plant large flower beds as well as reseeding a large portion of the area.  A big “thank you” from those of us (with dogs) that use the area 12 months of the year – no matter what the weather!

Butterflies in the Park

IMG_2702.JPGThe past few days have seen swarms butterflies amongst the park’s flowers.  In fact, some people I have talked to seem alarmed! It’s simply a ten-year migration cycle of a spieces known as “painted ladies”” – it’s quite a beautiful sight to behold!




Westmount Park

Our “dog walk” through Westmount Park. These images look serene; however, they are only a “moment in time”!  The park’s foot paths are a new route for bicycles (in very large numbers) as the number of nearby rental bike stands increase two-fold.  I agree with the concept of encouraging bicycle, as opposed to automobile  transportation.  In fact, we got rid our family car some time ago.  Pedestrian safety (particularly in city parks) should also be part of the equation.  As our daughter would comment on this post “just saying…..”



Westmount Park

Those of us on the island Montreal should pause, and reflect, how fortunate we are tonight.  Hurricane Irma has caused countless damage on the Atlantic’s southern islands. For some reason, the major news agencies have abandoned this topic and the aftermath, as they focus on the storm’s upcoming impact on the southern U.S.

In any case, these are this evening’s pictures from our “dog walk” through Westmount Park:





Orange in the park

IMG_2687A new bike sharing station arrived, without fanfare, to compete with the existing Bixi service.

The company’s bright orange bikes add a splash of colour to the park’s entrance off Melville Avenue.