Westmount Park

013A sure sign of Spring is the arrival of the Mallard ducks in Westmount Park – this male was enjoying the puddles,  created by the melting ice, on the surface of the park’s soccer field.






Westmount’s Conservatory

Westmount’s closed conservatory – referred to as “greenhouses” by the city’s residents.  They were  constructed in 1927 and had  undergone a one-million dollar renovation ten years ago.

Recently, a pane of glass fell from the structure’s ceiling –  narrowly missing a visitor.

Last week, the city used a drone (seriously!) as part of a much larger effort to assess the current structural damage and eventually restore this historic building.










Westmount Park – Another felled tree

During the past couple of days yellow caution tape was blocking a portion of the park’s paths.  This morning the city started to remove another mature (Lime) tree to ensure pedestrian safety.  I couldn’t ascertain the tree’s age (the boughs were cut in a jagged fashion) – my guess is that it was nearly  100 years old.