Westmount Park

I don’t regard myself, by any stretch of the imagination, as a “real” photographer.

There is; however, an expression they use: “missing the light”. As the days grow shorter, I have discovered that there is  a narrow window of opportunity to capture images.

These are our Saturday evening pictures, while walking our dog, at the same time avoiding a (very) large racoon that meanders, totally unconcerned, along the park’s foot paths.

While walking a nearly 100 pound dog, like ours – one doesn’t want to get involved in any sort of a pulling contest!



Westmount Park

Our Wednesday evening walk through Westmount Park.

The City has started to drain the park’s lagoon in preparation for the winter season.

Unfortunately, the resident Mallard ducks – a “fixture” in the park all summer – will, very shortly, need to find a new home.


Westmount Park

Friday evening in Westmount Park.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.  It’s a restful period of time largely marked by the retail stores that are closed – encouraging one to relax.