Westmount Train Station

Westmount Train Station

Former Canadian Pacific Railway’s (C.P.R.) Westmount station and C.P.R. Westmount News Stand on Saint Catherine Street. The station has been boarded up for decades.

· Heritage Character Statement, Canadian Pacific Railway Station, Westmount, Quebec, August 1994. Heritage Assessment Report RSR-221, 1993.

“Recognizing the strategic value of Westmount Station as a company image in an affluent suburb, the CPR put its chief architect, W. S. Painter, in charge of the station’s design. He created an elegant red-brick structure whose architectural form was distinguished by turrets crowned by a pavilion roof and whose composition was based on a balanced distribution of openings. Its original design was among the most successful of the CPR’s medium-sized stations. In 1923 a glass shed was built on the southwestern side of the station to protect the access to a sub-terranean tunnel, and in 1927 the northeastern side was extended to expand interior public space. While these additions respect the general character of the building, they have disturbed its original symmetry.

The Westmount station’s environment remains relatively intact today. Its site landscaping and access routes have changed little over time, and longstanding railway elements of the site (the lines and Glen Bridge and switching yard) are still present.

Heritage value of the Westmount CPR station resides in its architectural form and composition, and in its historical and site relationships to its community”.


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