Water Fountain – Westmount Park

Water Fountain - Westmount Park

The original (1930s) water fountain in Westmount Park.

Twenty five years ago the City suggested replacing these with newer models. A letter to the Westmount Examiner, at the time, suggested changing the faucet and adding a new water pipe. The City agreed and the original fountains still exist to this day.

As an aside, Mayor Peter Trent’s book (The Merger Delusion: How Swallowing Its Suburbs Made an Even Bigger Mess of Montreal) calls the Westmount Examiner the City’s former “Hansard”. I recall realtors mentioning the paper as one of the “selling points” for one moving to Westmount.

The paper used to be delivered, at minimal cost, once a week.

It baffles me as to what happened – it is now delivered, and not and worth reading, in our “Publi-Sacs” with all the other flyers that go straight into the recycling box.

When our daughter was small, and spent hours in the Children’s Library, I used to enjoy reading the old copies (on paper & microfilm) while waiting. It was an excellent local paper that was well written and truly represented the interests of the City – am I the only resident that mourns its loss?

(TCI Media stopped published the Westmount Examiner on October, 2015)

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  1. I share your sense of loss. The Examiner is but a shadow of its former self: once a 64-page weekly chock-a-block with items is now an advertising supplement with a few articles attached. The Independent seems to have picked up some of the slack.

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