Amelanchier Bushes – Melville Avenue


I have often seen people picking berries from these bushes; apparently they are edible.

(I don’t condone, in any way, ingesting these).

Speaking to a person collecting these berries the other evening, I was told the bush is called “Irga” in Russian.

A bit of research reveals several names for this bush:


“…. Serviceberry, Juneberry and Shadbush – English; Amelanchier – French; pero corvine – Italian; Gemeine (or Kanadische) Felsenbirne – German; cornijuelo – Spanish; irga kruglolistnaja (or kanadskaja) – Russian.”


“This Service Berry, Amelanchier alnifolia, is a very slow-growing, deciduous shrub to 10′, with edible blue berries 1/4″ across. This good wildlife plant ranges from North Dakota to southern California, is an attractive bush with an abundance of 1″ white flowers, and the fruits look something like a blueberry.

The fruit of this plant was important as a food source for the native American tribes that lived within its range.
Looks and tastes like a blueberry.”


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