Mountainside United Church – 687 Roslyn



“Our church, Mountainside United, is a union of four congregations whose roots reach back to a growing, nineteenth century Montreal.

The original site of Dominion-Square Methodist Church, dedicated in October 1865, was the southwest corner of Dorchester and Windsor Streets. This property was sold in 1912 to establish a church in the residential area of Westmount on the Boulevard between Lansdowne and Roslyn Avenues. The new church, called Dominion Methodist, opened for services in September 1914.

In 1925, Dominion Methodist joined with Douglas Methodist, a church in a business district at St. Catherine and Chomedy Streets. The two congregations, called Dominion-Douglas, became part of the United Church of Canada, which came into being on June 10, 1925.

The congregation of St. Andrew’s (Westmount), our third church, traces its roots to November 1885 when it was organized as Melville Presbyterian Church on Cote St. Antoine Road at Stanton Street. With the formation of the United Church in 1925, the name was changed to St. Andrew’s United Church. Unfortunately a large part of the church was destroyed by fire in August 1965. A new, more modern building was erected on the same site and dedicated in October 1967. This building was sold in 1985 when St. Andrew’s and Dominion-Douglas Church amalgamated.

On January 6, 1985, the newly united congregation of St. Andrew’s – Dominion-Douglas gathered to worship as one in Christ in the refurbished sanctuary on the Boulevard.

The amalgamation of Erskine and American with St. Andrew’s – Dominion-Douglas on July 1, 2004 created an even longer name! The congregation was invited to submit suggestions for a new name.

Through a series of ballots we arrived at Mountainside United, which is very fitting considering our building is perched on the side of a mountain in Westmount, Quebec. We celebrated both the adoption of Mountainside United as our official name and the 80th anniversary of the United Church of Canada at our Sunday service on October 16, 2005.”


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