Westmount Park – Great Highland Bagpipes Practise


Two pipers practising their Great Highland Bagpipes. They were playing “The Black Bear”, during this photo, a tune I remember in regimental marches. (I am sure all of us have heard this tune).

From: http://cornemusique.free.fr/ukblackbear.php

“The Black Bear is reputedly the fastest regimental march in the UK army. This old, very popular, tune is traditionally played as a marching off parade tune by every Scottish regiment returning to their barracks after a route march or a day’s manoeuvres. This is the one occasion when they are not expected to march in step.

The tune is played fast and the soldiers march along even faster as they head for home.

It is one of the most recognizable pipe songs in the world and the idea of the massed pipes and drums marching off to anything else would be unthinkable.”


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