80 Stayner (formerly Staynor) Ave. – (This civic address no longer exists)


Former site of the French Methodist Institute (1886) – now Stayner Park.

From: The Westmount News, October 6, 1911

“The Institute began its work in 1880. Its founder was the late Rev. L. N. Beaudry (who had) a desire for the salvation and enlightenment of his fellow-countrymen, the French Canadians in the Province of Quebec.”

The Institute prepared students for:

“The Conference Preliminary Course for French Probationers of the Methodist Church of Canada;
Entrance in the Teachers’ Training Department of the McDonald College at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue; and, University matriculation.”

The original building was designed by John Pierce Hill, who also designed the “Colonial House” for Henry Morgan & Co. (currently “Hudson’s Bay”) on Saint Catherine Street.


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