Westmount Park – Flowering Trees (Eudicotylendons)


A Prunus padus, (Bird Cherry or Hackberry) near the lagoon. All the leaves seem to be infected with either the fungal Cherry leaf scorch or leaf spot (Apiognomonia erythrostoma or Blumeriella jaapii).

From: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/learn/british-trees/native-trees/bird-cherry/

“Mythology and symbolism:
If placed at the door, the strong-smelling bark of the tree was said to ward off the plague.

How we use bird cherry:
Traditionally cherries were planted for their fruit and wood, which was used for making cask hoops and vine poles.

Bird cherry is lighter and more finely textured than wild cherry.

Bird cherry is susceptible to bacterial cankers, which can disfigure and occasionally kill infected trees. Pruning at the wrong time of year can put trees at risk from silverleaf disease, which can also eventually kill the tree. Dieback can be caused by damage from the cherry black fly (Myzus cerasi).”


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