147 Clandeboye Ave.


Captain John A. McMaster (1899).

If one enlarges the picture, the letters “T Y Wald” are visible (etched in stone) on the lower right-hand side of the entrance.

The residence was designed by David Robertson Brown.

From: http://cac.mcgill.ca/home/archive.php?ID=10

“David Robertson Brown (1869-1946) was born in Montreal.

He began his career in 1885 as a draughtsman and pupil in the office of Alexander Francis Dunlop (1842-1923).

Later he worked as a draughtsman for Hutchison and Steele. Brown also worked in Boston, first at the firm of Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge, and later for the firm of Chas. Brigham.

He commenced his solo practice in Montreal in 1895.

Among his projects, Brown’s designs for the Chemistry Building at the University of Saskatchewan and the Canadian Life Insurance Company’s offices in Regina and Calgary are noteworthy.

Hugh Vallance (1866-1947) was born in Hamilton, ON. In 1883 he apprenticed with the Hamilton architect Charles W. Mulligan.

After further architectural training in Paris, Vallance worked in Boston for the firm of Hartwill, Richardson and Driver.

In 1907 Vallance moved to Montreal and set up practice in partnership with Brown.

Brown and Vallance designed, among other buildings, the Children’s Memorial Hospital (1907) in Montreal and the Medical Building (1910) of McGill University.”


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