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Randolph Hersey, Pillow Hersey Manufacturing Company (1899)

From: http://www.lib.uwo.ca/programs/companyinformationcanada/ccc-steelco.html

“Montreal Rolling Mills had acquired the Pillow-Hersey Manufacturing Company in 1903, seven years before the merger. And Pillow-Hersey was successor to the businesses of Mansfield Holland, founded in 1856, and the City Nail and Spike Works, founded in 1839 to carry on the business of a cut nail plant established in Montreal by John Bigelow some time in the 1790’s. Montreal Rolling Mills Company had itself been organized in 1868 to take over the business of Morland, Watson & Company, founded in the 1850’s. The property today forms the Notre Dame Works, largest of Stelco’s four plants in the Montreal area.”


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