The Former Quinlan Apartments

The site of the former Quinlan Apartments 4410-14 St. Catherine Street West (near Kensington).

Their “fate” contains an interesting story.  They were slated for demolition in 1976; however, the Quebec government stated that their porticos were “worthy of preservation”.

During the demolition process, the building’s facade was found to be unstable and, as a consequence, was torn down.

The building’s porticos eventually became a garden fixture, outside a house on Trafalgar Road close to Cote de Neiges.

Interestingly, the house on Trafalgar Road, at the time, belonged to the grandson of the original portico’s stone mason – evidenced by beautifully sculptured stone facing the house’s driveway.

The house is still standing, although currently undergoing major renovations.

The bases of the porticos are largely forgotten, “parked” by the side of the house – their columns serving as driveway posts.







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