1. Hi Michael, Thanks a lot for those photos of old Westmount. It’s always fascinating to look back even further to places that were once familiar to you.
    Peter Martin.


  2. Hello Michael,

    I lived at no. 4146 Dorchester Boulevard, Westmount back in 1968. I’ve always wondered about these old houses along this street. They may date from the late 19 th.century, I’d guess. Each one is different, although they are a terrace. Now, 52 years later I see that they are still in excellent condition. I wonder could you tell me how I might be able to trace the history of no.4146 ? My guess is that the original owners were probably well off business people. I, on the other hand, was an impoverished student when I rented the large second floor front room back years ago. If you could advise me on how to get some information on its history I’d be very grateful.

    Peter Martin.



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