1. Hello ! Thanks for this nice photo ! These look very like reeds which grow in a field beside me here on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland. Must check them out and see if the growing season here corresponds with Quebec ! They come up every year as the soil is wet beside a river. Might even try basket weaving one of these days. Best wishes, Peter Martin.


    • Hi Peter,

      Good to hear from you.

      Years ago, there used to be stream that ran next to the new water basin and drained into a small lake. Today, the stream is contained in the municipal sewer system, and the lake drained to accommodate various roads and a transportation shed. In those days, one could “complain” about a waterway and the town’s council would order it filled in. (Environmental impact was not on anyone’s minds). In fact, when the stream was stemmed, it caused a huge flood in a lower portion of Montreal – as such it town had to pay a massive fine for the damages caused.

      Today, their is a “collective amnesia” about the entire affair. The City boasts this as their first “Capital Project”. Plus there is plaque next to the former stream promoting this misconception.

      The artificially constructed water basin (probably at great cost) is a poor excuse for what could have been and should have been.

      Best regards,




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