Westmount Park

A hazy evening in Westmount Park during our evening dog walk.

Our dog enjoys the snow and cold temperatures.  However, like all dogs, his favourite place is a warm home while curled up with his favourite blanket.




Westmount – First Snow

The first snow of the season.  Its reflection illuminated the park during the evening.

This was coupled with the sounds of people scraping ice off their cars parked on nearby streets. This is our first winter (in decades) without a car – and I don’t miss owning one!





Westmount Park

Our Friday “dog walk” through Westmount park.

If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”  (Woodrow Wilson)




Westmount Park

Walking amongst the piles of leaves at the edge of the park – their fragrance is amazing!  Looking closely, one can see they are from Catalpas, Limes and several species of Maples. A group of small children were enjoying throwing handfuls  of leaves at one another.

I sometimes wonder, watching the commercial leaf vacuums hard at work, at what point did fallen leaves became a “blight upon the land”.