Westmount Park

The days are getting shorter:  sunsets now occur before 6pm!

The park was deserted this evening aside from a few dogs barking while playing in their dog run.

We don’t use dog runs – for some reason, my “best thinking” occurs while taking our dog for long walks and being patient during his inspection of every molecule on a blade of a grass – as well as the different scents covering the trees’ bases.


Westmount Park

Finally a break in today’s rain!  There wasn’t much activity in the park this evening aside from a few dogs being walked.  The lone terrier, in the picture, was waiting for an owner to return from the public library.



Westmount Park

Westmount Park’s bicycle path.  Not that long ago, it was a vehicular road – today it is still a bit of a challenge for pedestrians.

Our walk ended on Melville Avenue (formerly Elgin) lined with late 19th century triplexes.

The street’s former name recognized James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin (Governor General of Canada). His assent of a bill for the rebellion losses in 1849 caused a riot that ultimately destroyed the parliamentary buildings in Montreal.  Lord Elgin, spent the last days of his career as a special commissioner to China.

Melville Avenue was not named after Herman Melville of Moby Dick fame.  (For some reason, many people spread this rumour).

The street’s name was changed when the Melville Presbyterian church  was built. Today, their house of worship is occupied by a Serbian Orthodox Church.




Westmount Park

I don’t regard myself, by any stretch of the imagination, as a “real” photographer.

There is; however, an expression they use: “missing the light”. As the days grow shorter, I have discovered that there is  a narrow window of opportunity to capture images.

These are our Saturday evening pictures, while walking our dog, at the same time avoiding a (very) large racoon that meanders, totally unconcerned, along the park’s foot paths.

While walking a nearly 100 pound dog, like ours – one doesn’t want to get involved in any sort of a pulling contest!



Westmount Park

Our Wednesday evening walk through Westmount Park.

The City has started to drain the park’s lagoon in preparation for the winter season.

Unfortunately, the resident Mallard ducks – a “fixture” in the park all summer – will, very shortly, need to find a new home.