Melville Ave. 1900 (Elgin)

Melville Ave. 1900 (Elgin)

253 Melville – R. C Young, Trust & Loan Co.

From: Evolving Financial Markets and International Capital Flows: Britain, the Americas and Australia 1865-1914, Lance E. Davis, Robert E. Gallman:

“In 1843 the Trust and Loan Company of Upper Canada was incorporated by special act of the Canadian Parliament for the express purpose of lending money on the security of real property”.

255 Melville – C. G. Russell, commercial traveller

257 Melville – Mrs. R. Howey, wid. J. J.

259 Melville – John Allen, builder

261 Melville – Eben Dowie, construction engineer

Eben Dowie & James Oxley were the first people to patent the use of chili power, in 1899, as an extermination ingredient. This substance is still used to this day.

From the USPO, Aug 22, 1899, Publication number US631738 A:

“Be it known that we, EBEN DOWIE, consulting engineer, and J AMEs MAoDoNALD OXLEY, insurance manager, of the city of Montreal, in the county of Hochelaga, in the Province of Quebec, Canada, have invented a certain new and useful Composition of Matter to be Used for Evicting Rats and other Vermin, of which the following is a specification.

Our composition consists of the following ingredients, combined in the proportions stated, viz: Chili pepper, twentyper cent. hellebore, five per cent. sulphate of lime,eight per cent. phosphate of lime, eight per cent. carbonate of lime, fifty-four per cent; oxide of iron, five per cent. This mixture is thoroughly mingled and makes a fine powder.”


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