Melville Ave. 1900 (Elgin)

Melville Ave. 1900 (Elgin)

263 Melville – J. Marshall, manufacturing agent

265 Melville – George Johnston, conductor Intercolonial Railway

From Wikipedia:

“The Intercolonial Railway of Canada (reporting mark IRC), also referred to as the Intercolonial Railway (ICR), was a historic Canadian railway that operated from 1872 to 1918, when it became part of Canadian National Railways. As the railway was also completely owned and controlled by the federal government, the Intercolonial was also one of Canada’s first Crown corporations”

267 Melville – Alfred D Thorton, assistant manager Canadian Rubber Co.


“The Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company was headquartered in Montreal, and opened a branch in Edmonton in 1911 to serve as a distribution point for its products which were manufactured in Ontario and Quebec….supplied rubber belting, packing, hoses, waterproof clothing, felt footwear, automobile and carriage tires, and druggists’ rubber sundries”.

269 Melville – Arthur Shibley, secretary-treasurer Westmount

271 Melville – Mrs. Louisa A. Simpson daughter of Sir George Simpson

From Wikipedia:

“Sir George Simpson (1786 or 1787[1] or 1792[2] – 7 September 1860) was the Canadian governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company during the period of its greatest power. During this period (1820-1860) he was in practice, if not in law, the British viceroy for the whole of Western Canada. His efficient administration of the west was a precondition for the confederation of western and eastern Canada”.

273 Melville – R. D. Anderson, commercial traveller


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