515 Lansdowne Avenue


For some reason, the civic number has changed.

Wesley Mills M.D. – Professor McGill University (1897)

From Wikipedia:

“Thomas Wesley Mills (1847–1915), generally referred to as T. Wesley Mills in the scientific literature, was a Canadian physician and physiologist who worked as a professor at McGill University. Mills was Canada’s first professional physiologist and authored books and research articles on comparative physiology, animal behavior, and the physiology of voice production.

Mills began teaching physiology at McGill in 1884, eventually becoming the first Joseph Morley Drake Chair professor of physiology in 1891. He founded the Society for the Study of Comparative Physiology in 1885, was elected to the Royal Society of Canada in 1890, and became president of the Natural History Society of Montreal in 1894.”


  1. Amazing to come across this pic. I lived here as a child back in the 1950s. At the time this house was subdivided into apartments. We rented the top two floors. A lady who later became a famous Canadian artist, Betty Goodwin, and her family lived next door – the house on the left in the picture. At the time she was not yet famous. Her son Paul was about my age and I often played with him. I understand that, sadly, he later committed suicide.



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